Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for patients

How long will I stay in hospital?

The length of your stay in the hospital will depend on the surgical procedure that you have had and can vary from an overnight stay to a week. It will also depend on how your wound is healing. You will be given a rough idea regarding the length of your stay during the pre-surgical education session. However, your surgeon will make a final decision after the operation.

When can I walk?

You will usually be encouraged to begin walking the morning after surgery.

Do I have to wear a back/neck brace?

Yes, you will be required to wear your brace when sitting, standing and walking after surgery. Your physiotherapist will wean you off as appropriate.

When is it safe to engage in sexual relations?

This is a very personal domain and is left up to you; whenever you think that you and your partner are ready. Clinically, a two-week period is recommended, provided you are the less active partner.